Managed a first for me - The Short Eared Owl

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Headed off for a day at RSPB Bempton Cliffs in an attempt to photograph a first for me, a Short Eared Owl.

After arriving early and trekking 3 miles along the cliffs I was surprised as a "shortie" flew over my head from behind giving me no chance to grab a decent shot. I did however see where it went down so spent the next 5 hours sat in glorious sunshine waiting for it to hunt again. At last it did and I did manage a few good shots shown in my latest section.

Having walked back to the centre I arrived to see a Barn Owl hunting along with another "shortie ". I could have saved myself a long walk with my 25kg camera backpack had I stayed at the center all day. Oh well at least I got some exercise !

The gannets were also arriving at thecliffs and becoming very friendly with each other.

All in all a good day and even a glimpse of spring sunshine - in February !